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Group Care Facilities

The Florida Department of Health in Suwannee County, Environmental Health Section

The specific residential group care facility types the Department of Health has inspection authority in are listed in Section 381.006(16), Florida Statutes (FS).  The DOH residential group care facilities list includes the following: assisted living facility, adult family-care home, short-term residential treatment center, residential treatment facility, home for special services, transitional living facility, crisis stabilization unit, hospice, and intermediate care facility for persons with developmental disabilities.

In various residential facilities an environmental health inspection  helps the facility ensure good sanitary health and safety practices are in place related to construction, operation, and maintenance among the residents, employees, and visitors to the facility.  Our purpose is to prevent or minimize the risk of transmitting disease, injury, or bodily harm. The list below includes some of the primary areas the environmental health inspector checks for during their inspection visit.

  • House Keeping
  • Lighting
  • Vermin/Animal Control
  • Bed/Bedding
  • Water Supply
  • Liquid & Solid Waste
  • Housing
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Outdoor Area & Equipment
  • Indoor equipment/furnishings

The Department of Health (DOH) does not license various residential group care facilities.  Licensing is done by one of two state agencies referred to as the primary licensing agency.  The two primary licensing agencies for residential group care facilities that DOH regulates are the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and the Department of Children and Families (DCF).